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Design and Development

Design is the key to the success of any products and should be given the utmost consideration. With project experience in smart phone & Tablet case (iPhone, Samsung, HTC etc.,), medical, baby care, consumer electronics products, HOPE Precision continually provide an innovative and creative approach to the design process and produce cost effective, sustainable, ecologically aware solutions for our clients, give them a competitive market advantage.

At the start of every project we ensure that we take the time to understand both our client’s requirements and the market they intend to supply. This enables us to advise on the manufacturing techniques and materials best suited to any given projects.

The level of information provided by our clients can vary considerably from a detailed specification to a simple wish list and some roughly sketched ideas. We will work with the client if necessary to create a brief.

From the design brief, concepts, CAD models and fully engineered manufacturing data are produced in house, by our dynamic and versatile design team.

Digital Data

Each project has its own specific challenges to overcome in terms of design aesthetics, technical requirements and performance of the materials.

We use the latest CAD packages to produce the designs. We constantly invest in this area in terms of both the software available and staff training in order to remain at the forefront of the technology.

Mold flow
This system enables us to both test the possible stress and faults in molded parts prior to manufacture and also test the performance of the injection molding tool before it is made.

Photo Realistic Rendering
These pictures are produced from the digital data created to design parts and assemblies. They can be used for marketing purposes prior to manufacture or for promotional material.

Production Tooling

Hope Precision uses high precision facility like CNC, EDM and to make tooling, and we have a rich experienced team of tooling design and processing. Tooling is the key to product manufacturing, so tooling design and making are also the key to achieve the products. 

All of tooling design and processing are made in house and, once the design is done we will have a report to have all the team review and have it optimized. We have regular training for our tooling processing operators to make sure any of the tooling components can be done correctly.

Tooling department can offers remarkably fast production times. We implement 3 shifts in this department so we can run 24 hours without break to fulfill customer’s target. The lead time for a normal mold is that tool off can be done in 3 weeks or even shorter than that.

We will select excellent mold steel and with harden finish to make our molds, which will have tooling quality and life cycle guarantee.

Injection Molding and Assembly

The injection molding process is extremely versatile; plastic is a wonderful material which provides product designers and companies with a world of possibilities. The material is also very recyclable, careful consideration during the design phase can ensure that your product has less impact on the environment, a factor we take very seriously.

There are ever increasing developments in material technologies which means that plastics are being used in far more technical roles, reducing weight and increasing functionality of products. 

We use the latest technologies in our production including robotics and automation to produce parts, monitor quality and ensure repeatability. HOPE Precision has a range of molding machine with clamping force from 75 to 250 tons. Most of the machines were imported from Japan like NIIGATA, KAWAGUCHI, SUMITOMO and JSW. We can select a best molding machine based on the actual product needs.

Material Expertise
We process a wide variety of materials and have excellent material knowledge. We are able to offer advice on the best choice of material for any given project and highlight the advantages of each option.

Many of the projects undertaken by HOPE Precision require more than just injection molded parts.

We create design solutions that draw upon the most appropriate and efficient material selections for the product. A factor which has led HOPE Precision to developed a network of affiliate suppliers. Enabling us to provide a continuity and quality of service to our clients, without compromise to the product design.
Laser etching
Die casting
Other surface finishing

The benefits to our clients include, a guarantee of seamless integration with all other components within a product assembly, improved quality control and error avoidance and a single point of contact for project management.

Quality accreditations

We started to implemented . And we insist on the quality policy of “Keeping moving, Excellent quality, Constant improvement, Customer satisfaction” to drive us moving forward.


Our staff receive constant technical and health and safety training as part of our personal development program.

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